Brief History of the Institution

When World War II wrought havoc on St. Theresa’s College of San Marcelino, Manila, leaving it in ruins, there was little hope left for the rebuilding of its physical plant.  Steps were taken to look for a new site, a property that would be larger than the San Marcelino compound.

In January, 1946, a contract was signed for the purchase of a property consisting of five (5) blocks in Sta.MesaHeights, Quezon City.  The United States Army, which previously occupied the place, left a rudimentary make-shift building, later to be used temporarily for the classrooms of St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City and for the  quarters of the Sisters.

January 7, 1947 marked the establishment of St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City.  However, the school was officially opened only in June, 1947.

The institution, from the first days of its foundation, has consistently stressed at all levels of instruction the wholistic formation of the Theresian into a committed Christian, upholding the highest standards of excellence, leadership, character, and nationhood.

In 1972, the ICM Congregation launched a social orientation thrust for all its ministries in education and socio-pastoral, making St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City a pilot school for the implementation of this thrust.  An ICM Sister was then commissioned to prepare a program for St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City that called forth the school to make available the educational program to deserving families from the lower-middle-income group by way of tuition discount, subsidized by Sambayan Educational Foundation, Inc. (SEFI), the funding arm.

Adoption of the Social Orientation Thrust further meant for St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City a review of its policies, structures, governance, and programs to make them responsive to this thrust.

St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City is a member of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), and the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) and avails itself of the services of institutions and groups working for the re-orientation of education in the Philippines.


The original certificate of incorporation of St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City was issued on February 19, 1949.


St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City is a Catholic institution of learning administered by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ImmaculatiCordisMariae – ICM), dedicated to the education of girls.  It offers preparatory, elementary and secondary courses.

As an ICM school, its entire educational program draws inspiration from Mother Marie Louise De Meester, Foundress of the ICM Congregation, who was imbued with a deep interior life, undaunted apostolic zeal, love for the poor, daring spirit and a strong sense of mission.  This same spirit is reiterated in the ICM constitution, which states:

“God in His goodness and love created the world.
He mademan and   woman   to  share  His  life
tobecome holy and  perfect  in  love,
inviting   them   to take  up  their  responsibility 
for one another and for the world-community.”

Thus, with all the other ICM schools in the third millennium, St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City continues on the path of being in solidarity with the massive efforts of the Filipino people and other Third World countries to become co-shapers of their own destiny as they work towards education to Peace, Freedom, Solidarity, and Justice.

Patroness                     :  St. Teresa of Avila, mystic and Doctor of the Church
Colors                          :  Gold and Blue

                                                       Seal and Motto            
On a field of gold and blue are imposed the cross  and  three stars.  The  blue stands  for  faithful  courage, and  the  gold proclaimed jubilant victory always through Love.The cross within the seal is  the  symbol  of  victory  of Christ over evil.  The gold of  the  cross  is  a  sign  of  the  love for Christ who died and rose from the dead.The seal is a badge showing the mountain peakof Carmel,linked with the great woman, St. Teresa of Avila, whose life was a response inaction – reflectionand deeds of love  for God and for others.


“Education in and through Virtue, Science and Art”

Virtue, Science, and Art are the  seeds  carefully  planted  in the student’s mind and heart.

The Theresian Insignia:
Loyalty lies in the heart:  once a Theresian, always a Theresian in thought, in word, and in deed.   The Theresian combines prayer and action, relating to God and the world as mission with humble prophecy and just advocacy.

The school’s rallying cry is:    “Let Your Light Shine. Be a blessing  to those in need,in solidarity with theunderprivileged”.
                                       This is in accordance with Vatican II,
                                  Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II),
                                       and the ICM social Orientation Thrust

Christ the Lord said,
                 “A lamp is not lighted to put away under a bushel;
it is put on the lampstand to give light
to all the people of the house”. 

Theresian, Let  Your  LIGHT  SHINE!   Be  a  BLESSING!

This watchword spells a message:
                  Be loyal, be refined, be thorough;
                  Be the joyful, concerned, committed Christian Filipina
who not only keeps the light,but passes it on to others to participate
in solidarity with the least and the lost.


St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City, like all other ICM Schools, is committed to provide an evangelizing education that will lead the student to experience her dignity as a person and that will propel her toward an integral human formation, and ultimately, to commit herself generously in responding to the call of God to participate in the realization of God’s Reign of Peace, Love, Freedom, Solidarity, and Justice.

St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City shares a common vision with six (6) ICM schools in the Philippines.


                  We are Women and Men Disciples of JESUS          
                  Bonded as Companions in Life and in Mission

                     Growing IN and THROUGH Discernment,
                                Ministry of Presence, and Prophetic witnessing,
                     as a Way of Life.


           Life in Abundance:

           GOD’S   DREAM.


St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City is our school.  It is a Catholic institution of learning and development for young women, owned and administered by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  St. Theresa’s College, Q.C. provides its students, from the preparatory level through the elementary and secondary school, a dynamic program of basic education that stresses both training for academic proficiency and on-going formation within life situations.

As an ICM school, our structures, content and processes of learning are imbued with a missionary spirit, which is the living legacy of Mother Marie Louise De Meester.  Likewise, the spirit of St. Teresa of Avila, seeker of truth and woman reformer, permeates our educational program.

Thus, our school is committed –

All of us, students, personnel, parents, alumnae, administration, and ICM sisters, are all  partners in mission.  Let us walk together with Jesus as our Light.  Let us make our school, our homes, the Philippines, and the world oases of life, love, and peace.  Let our Light Shine and be a Blessing!

The full implementation of this educational Vision-Mission demands a continual updating of all the programs, policies, and practices of STC, Q.C.  They are to recognize, accept, and understand the child and the adolescent in all facets of life: spiritual, economic, political, and socio-cultural-religious.  They should be equipped with a sensitive expertise in their particular areas of concern and responsibility, both in content and process, ultimately extending such learnings into cultural formation.  They themselves are to be witnesses of authentic Christian discipleship, forming a community of teacher-learners, who sincerely uphold the Filipino values for which the institution stands.  They are to guide students not only in the acquisition of knowledge but also in living out these values and genuinely reflecting them in their lives and in the light of faith.  These dispositions will eventually lead to a creative sensitivity to the signs of a more just, truly sovereign, nationalist, truly free, loving, democratic and peaceful society of men and women.  Administrators willfully take up the responsibility to inspire, to motivate, to direct, to guide, and to support all activities through constant coordination and life-giving collaboration among students, teaching and non-teaching personnel and parents.

St. Theresa’s College, Q.C. reaches out to the families the parishes it serves, the larger community and the Church through its educational programs.  It aligns itself with and responds to the aspirations of the Filipino people, particularly the underdeveloped and underprivileged, to live a fully human life, free from all oppressive structures through sustained interaction with the different sectors of society.  It participates in the building of the local Church as people of God hastening the coming of the Reign of God in our midst.

Above all, St. Theresa’s College, Q.C. recognizes its limitation in the pursuit of its aspiration to re-align effectively its total school program along social values that stress basic justice, nationalism, equity of opportunity and participation, and in the sharing of goods, freedom, truth, and peace.

Thus, it invokes the sustaining love of the Father, the saving grace of the Son, and the life-giving fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  It also implores the guidance and patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of St. Teresa of Avila.

The Thrust of St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City

The Thrust of St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City is:  Education for Leadership and Service, Transforming women and men, culture and society.  It is distinctly missionary in character.

The Theresian Education focuses on:

In view of the above declaration, the Theresian who completes her basic education in St. Theresa’s College, Quezon Cityis MARKED by the following qualities:

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