Scrub suits, stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers in STCQC Senior High?  Really?

    Yes! You better believe it.


    In STCQC, the students in the Grade 11 elective/cognate class, Science of Wellness, come to school in scrub suits, and take each other’s blood pressure and pulse rates using their own stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers.


    Here is what they have to say about their Science of Wellness Class.


    1. Cool teacher

    “ Mrs. Paula Pomela J. Sacamos is the coolest teacher ever.”



    • She is always calm and composed. â€‹Not only does she teach us cool stuff about a person’s total wellness, but she does it in the most calm and composed manner. No amount of noise from us (when we get excited during lectures or demonstrations) changes the way she talks to us. Yes, she does call our attention, but  she does so, in a very kind and diplomatic manner.


    • She is a superwoman. How can she manage to be a mom, practice her profession, be the STCQC Family Council President and be a great teacher at the same time? We wonder…


    Mrs. Sacamos’ list of accomplishments is enough to wow even the toughest of critiques. Among her  professional achievements are the following:

    • Certified Acupuncturist
    • Licensed Massage Therapist
    • Registered Pharmacist
    • Certified Investment Solicitor
    • Certified TESDA Trainor & Assessor


    Her greatest accomplishment though, is being a certified hands-on and fulltime mother to her three children. Mrs. Sacamos is the current President of the STCQC Family Council.


    2. Cool gadgets

    “We love our medical instruments! We never thought that we would be taught how to use the stethoscope and sphygmomanometer in high school.”


    Knowing how to get one’s blood pressure and pulse rate are basic in the Science of Wellness class. The students are taught to get base line readings and monitor the changes in these readings. They use their own stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers, and practice on each other as part of their training.


    3. Cool scrub suits

    “We love our scrub suits! We can freely move around without restrictions to perform our hands-on activities.”

    Wearing scrub suits to class is a novelty to the students. More than being comfortable “work clothes”, being in scrub suits gives them a sense of how they look as doctors, nurses or therapists in the future.


    4. Cool topics

    “The topics we discuss are really very interesting such as  a person’s complete wellness in mind, body and spirit, and the  benefits of alternative forms of medicine like acupuncture therapy and massage therapy. We even get to experience these kinds of therapy first hand.”


    “Experience being the best teacher,” is an adage that holds true for the students in this class. Their learnings do not end with memorized theories. In this class, they get to apply these theories, as they become recipients and givers of the different wellness techniques.


    5. Cool certification

    “During the semester, we will be able to take the National Certification 2 as Massage Therapists exam given be TESDA. This would look good in our application forms in college.”


    Being certified by TESDA is a privilege and an honor for the students. This will most definitely boost their morale and confidence in themselves and in their abilities.