The Thrust Of STC QC

The Thrust of St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City is:  Education for Leadership and Service, Transforming women and men, culture and society.  It is distinctly missionary in character.


The Theresian Education focuses on:

  • Virtue, Science, and the Art
  • Academic proficiency and on-going formation in life
  • Mission stressing transformative leadership and the empowerment ofwo/men
  • Service by having a preferential option for the poor and working for justice
  • Cultivation of Contemplative involvement; i.e., reflection-action-prayer
  • Following Jesus with Mary, radiating His light and passing on a  blessing, singing the Magnificat


In view of the above declaration, the Theresian who completes her basic education in St. Theresa’s College, Quezon Cityis MARKED by the following qualities:

  •  She is a woman of faith and a seeker  of  truth  with  a  strong  sense  of  mission.
  •  She is critically aware of the environment and of current events.
  •  Her heart is open to the poor.
  •  She is sensitive to the needs of persons and of community.
  •  She responds creatively to the cry for Justice and Fullness of Life.
  •  She is self-directed, compassionate and life-giving in her relationships.
  •  She adopts simplicity as her lifestyle.
  •  She advocates Peace as a Way of Life