Grade School


Christian Living

To develop a deep and personal relationship with Christ through:
* a well- planned, relevant and inculturated program of religious formation: and 
* opportunities for regular participation in the Eucharistic celebrations, confessions, prayers, reflections, recollections, bible study and contextualized liturgical and para- liturgical celebrations

Reading and Language

To acquire increasing facility in correct, proper, distinct and effective means of oral and written communication in the expression of one’s feelings, ideas and experiences in everyday life


To develop the necessary skills in communicating Filipino as the primary medium of and to provide learning- experiences that will promote nationalism, preserve our cultural heritage, and foster unity among our people

Sibika at Kultura

To study the growth of communities and nations through significant and relevant events in the quest of the Filipino people and other Third World peoples for justice, peace, sovereignty and solidarity; and to understand, critique and appreciate the genuine socio- cultural heritage, that brings about a better quality of life and social relationships


To strengthen understanding of the number system, computational skills in the application of mathematical principles, reasoning ability in analyzing numerical situations pertinent to everyday life and the capacity to look at all of these, among others, in function of the Social Thrust


To acquire and utilize scientific knowledge and skills by using inquiry as a way of thinking and by solving scientific as well as everyday problems relative to one’s environment and its resources, thus enabling one to promote and sustain a quality of life contributive to the welfare of society

Music Education

To enhance the development and appreciation of the sentiments, aspirations and beauty of rhythm, melody and harmony embodied in Philippine, Asian and other folk and classical music

Practical Arts

To develop positive values, attitudes, skills and habits needed for the creative expression of ideas and ideals through varied art materials, as a source of enjoyment and as a manifestation of responsiveness to society

To provide basic learnings and meaningful experiences in personality development, home management and family economics in view of an increasing effectivity in contributing to community building

To realize the value of good planning, order, precision and purposefulness in all undertakings; to appreciate the value and dignity of work balanced with a capacity for healthy recreation and relaxation

Physical Education

To develop and maintain sound, creative and indigenous health and physical education programs which enhance the holistic well- being of mind, spirit and body

Computer Education

To acquire knowledge about the different elements of a computer system and how each part works and to provide hands- on activities that will develop the skill and confidence of the students on computer lesson application

***All classrooms are fully air conditioned, equipped with multimedia equipment, online learning platform and WiFi connected.


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