In  line with the social thrust of the school, STC,QC integrates  social realities in its total school  program, both curricular and  co-curricular programs, re-aligning  effectively the social values that stress basic justice, nationalism, equity of  opportunity, participation, and in the sharing of goods, freedom, truth, and  peace.


            The over-all program of our school is geared towards the formation of a well-rounded Theresian who is socially aware, has initiative and sense of responsibility towards the struggle for social transformation. We aim to mold a Theresian who can analyze the society’s ills, thereby enabling her to opt for and serve the poor in cooperation with other sectors in the society for the welfare of the majority of the Filipino people.


            In all these, one goal guides and inspires us: To provide an education that is God-centered, Person-oriented, Inclusive, Pro-life, Nationalistic and Cosmic. All for the realization of God’s dream for all creation and FULLNESS OF LIFE IN THE NEW HEAVEN AND THE NEW EARTH.


            In the high  school, the outreach and skills  development  program is called KASAMAHAN  which stands for Kasanayan ni Teresa para sa Pamayanan. KASAMAHAN provides community exposure  opportunities to the students to deepen their social consciousness through  experiential interaction in the communities STC, QC serves. It allows the students to share their God-given gifts in service to the  people in the communities. It is hoped  that through the presence and service, students can make a difference in the  lives of the poor.


            STC, QC has established long time linkages and relationships with organized communities as partners in making available a rich learning ground for the students. Among these communities are charitable institutions, established non-government organizations, educational institutions, parishes, organized urban poor communities, and socio- pastoral  apostolate communities facilitated by the ICM  missionary sisters.


            STC,Q.C. has also established  a St. Theresa   Village in 2  GAWAD KALINGA communities: Don Manuel and Sto. Domingo, Quezon City.